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Galerie St. Etienne, New York, 1980-2020

Walt Disney

October 28, 1949

Review of Twenty-Five Years

September 14, 1949

Lovis Corinth

May 13, 1949

The Graphic Work of Georges Rouault

April 2, 1949

Small, Good Art Works from the 19th and 20th Centuries

January 27, 1949

J. Alt, Tina Blau, Paul Flora, Gustav Klimt, Alfred Kubin, Egon Schiele and others

Twenty-Five Years Neue Galerie

Egon Schiele

October 20, 1948

Exhibition of Divers Works

August 15, 1948

Fritz Fröhlich and Max Groten

June 30, 1948

New Italian Art

May 22, 1948

Franz Barwig the Elder, Franz Barwig the Younger and Gustav Klimt

March 12, 1948

Christmas for Art-Lovers

November 26, 1947

Eugène Jettel and Rudolf Ribarz

Austrian Impressionists

October 4, 1947

Art from the Present, the Past and the Distant Past

July 29, 1947

Two Viennese Artists at the Turn of the Century

Peter Altenberg and Richard Gerstl

June 7, 1947

The Art-Club of Austria

April 12, 1947

Johannes Behler and Paul Flora

March 5, 1947

An Artwork as a Gift

December 13, 1946

Gerhart Frankl

November 9, 1946

Caroline Kubin and Gerhild Diesner

September 20, 1946

Richard Gerstl and Young Artists from Styria

June 22, 1946

Werner Scholz

May 10, 1946

Josef Danhauser on the 100th Anniversary of his Death

March 19, 1946

G. Baszel and A. Sebela; Christmas Exhibition

November 30, 1945

Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele

September 15, 1945

Indestructible Vienna

July 17, 1945

J. Dobrowsky, Gerhardt Frankl, Oskar Laske, Sergius Pauser and others

Graphic Works of Painters from Danzig

December 16, 1942

Christmas Exhibition

November 12, 1942

O. Gawell and U. Diederich-Schuh

Christmas Gifts for Friends of Art and Culture

December, 1941

The Experience of Strange Lands in the 19th Century

October 3, 1941

The Viennese Interior from the Empire until the Present

October 17, 1940