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Galerie St. Etienne, New York, 1980-2020

Christmas Exhibition

December 9, 1939

From Austrian Ateliers

June 1, 1939

From Munich Ateliers

April 4, 1939

From Private Collections in Vienna

February 12, 1939

August von Pettenkofen, J.M. Ranftl, Anton Romako and others

The Austrian Baroque

November 15, 1938

Anton Franz Maulbertsch, P. Troger and others

The Ender Family of Artists

February 14, 1938

Important Paintings

November 29, 1937

Friedrich von Amerling, Tina Blau, Herbert Böckl, Lovis Corinth, Anton Faistauer, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Max Liebermann, Anton Romako, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and others

From the Private Collection of A. Widakovich, Vienna

October 12, 1937

Paintings from the 16th to the 20th Centuries

From a Private Collection in Breslau

May 31, 1937

Otto Rudolf Schatz

Travel Sketches of New York

April 23, 1937

Ferdinand Schmutzer

March 10, 1937

Adolf Winternitz

March 2, 1937

Max Liebermann

January 15, 1937

Masterworks of European Graphics

December 7, 1936

Homore Daumier, Edgar Degas, Eugène Delacroix, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet, Auguste Rodin, James McNeill Whistler and others

The History of World War I in Airplane Leaflets

November 20, 1936

Anton Romako

November 14, 1936

Sculptures by the Archduchess Ileana; From the Baroque to the Secession

October 10, 1936

Beth Zeeh

September 29, 1936

Modern Austrian Art

June 13, 1936

Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Oskar Kokoschka, Alfred Kubin, Oskar Laske, Franz Lerch, Georg Merkl, Fritz Wotruba and others

Film and Theater

A Photo-Reportage by H. Casparius and Otto Kallir-Nirenstein

June 3, 1936

Johanna Kubelik

May 12, 1936

Three Centuries of Peasant Painting

March 13, 1936

Georg Ehrlich and Otto Rudolf Schatz

February 12, 1936


An Iranian Artist Visiting Vienna

January 18, 1936

Sven Hedin

December 9, 1935

Salzburg and the Salzkammergut

One Hundred Years Ago and Today

October 9, 1935

Viennese Memorabilia

The Collection of Alfred Pick, Part II

September 28, 1935

Summer Exhibition

July 1, 1935

Graphic Exhibition

June 15, 1935

Wilhelm Kaufmann, C. Rabus, A. Steinhart and R. Wacker

Ten, Twenty, Thirty Schilling Exhibition

April 9, 1935

Italian Futurist Paintings of Air and Flight

February 21, 1935

Twenty Schilling Exhibition

January 21, 1935

Hans Pilhs

A New Painter

November 16, 1934

Adolf Winternitz

October 12, 1934

Rudolf von Zeileissen

September 22, 1934

The History of World War I in Documents

June 23, 1934

Hieronymus Löschenkohl

From the Vienna of Emperor Josef II

May 11, 1934

Ten Years Neue Galerie

A Review

March 20, 1934

Franz Rederer

January 16, 1934

Exhibition for Young Stamp Collectors

December 8, 1933

From Private Collections in Vienna

November 11, 1933

Rudolf von Alt and Anton von Pettenkofen

Anton Faistauer, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele

June, 1933

Fritz Jerusalem

April 25, 1933

From the Vienna of Emperor Franz Josef I

The Collection of Alfred Pick, Part I

March 30, 1933

French Impressionism

February 11, 1933

Paul Cézanne, Gustav Courbet, Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and others

The Gliders of Robert Kronfeld

December 30, 1932

Aussee and the Salzkammergut

December 6, 1932

Georg Ehrlich, E. Lang, Oskar Laske, Franz Lerch and others

Oskar Kokoschka

October 22, 1932

New Portraits by Alfred Hawel

Viennese Personalities

September 16, 1932

Herbert Böckl

June 10, 1932

A Spring Exhibition

April 14, 1932

The First Austrian Airmail Exhibition

March 19, 1932

The Collection of Carl von Reininghaus

February 29, 1932

Poets who Paint and Painters who Write Poetry

February 18, 1932

The Age in Pictures

Historical Photographs of Seven Decades

January 24, 1932

Franz Naager

January 1, 1932

Modern Austrian Painting

December 12, 1931

The Christmas Present

December 8, 1931

Five Painters from Vienna

November 10, 1931

W. Essenther, L. Frank, H. Frank, F. Rojka and E. Wagner

Richard Gerstl

An Artist's Fate

September 28, 1931

Austrian and German Art of Today

July 20, 1931

Johann Strauss

Documentary Exhibition

June 1, 1931

Of Art and Life in the Soviet Union

May 29, 1931

Erich A. Lamm

May 16, 1931

Alfred Kubin

April 22, 1931

Auguste Renoir

March 17, 1931

European Sculpture

February 7, 1931

Alexander Archipenko, Ernst Barlach, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Max Klinger, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Aristide Maillol, Constantin Meunier, Pablo Picasoo, Auguste Rodin, Medardo Rosso and others

Karl Sterrer

January 3, 1931

Vienna and the Vienna Woods

One Hundred New Watercolors by Oskar Laske

December 4, 1930

Unknown Works by Egon Schiele

October 28, 1930

Russian Art of Today

October, 1930

Alfred Hawel

September 4, 1930

Masters of Austrian Painting of the 19th and 20th Centuries

June 10, 1930

Gerhart Frankl

May, 1930

The Black Painter, Kalifala Sidibé, and the Crafts of South American Indians

March 15, 1930

Carl Hofer

February 15, 1930

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

January 25, 1930

Avant-Garde Photographs by Willy Riethof

January 4, 1930