Henry Darger

At Cedernine, Jennie is Wounded (detail). Watercolor and pencil. Private collection. © Kyoko Lerner.

Henry Darger: Art and Selected Writings

By Michael Bonesteel. Rizzoli, 2000. The first comprehensive survey of Darger’s art and writings, with 15 selections from his writings. Approximately 114 illustrations. 255 pages. Limited availability.

Hardcover: $250.00

Henry J. Darger: Dans les Royaumes de l’Irréel

By John MacGregor. Includes excerpts from Darger’s 15,145 page epic novel. Collection de l’Art Brut (exhibition catalogue), 1996. Text in French, with Darger’s text in English and French. 51 pages of text, plus 30 color plates.

Hardcover: $300.00

Groundwaters: A Century of Art by Self-Taught and Outsider Artists

By Charles Russell. Prestel, 2011. 256 pages. Hardcover: $25.00